Beautiful Bathroom Flooring Colorado Springs,
Needs to be Practical

One of the most important decisions you make about your bathroom remodeling project is the one you most likely think is the least important, that being the bathroom flooring. Bathroom flooring often is the last thought, and as “long as it matches” decisions tend to be made that may not be happy decisions later on. The reason is that bathroom flooring has to stand up to more use and abuse than nearly any floor in your home, even compared to your kitchen.  It is constantly in use, it is a small space and thus gets more impact and contact, and it is constantly subject to moisture and chemicals not found elsewhere in the home. A bathroom floor needs to be tough, durable, attractive, slip resistant, easy to clean and sanitize, and stain resistant. 

At Inspiration Bathroom Remodel Colorado Springs, we will talk with you and give recommendations for a bathroom floor that not only works with your style and design, but provides a safe, quality surface your family can live on without worries. There are many materials our customers use on their bathroom floors, including tile, wood, bamboo, linoleum, vinyl plank, jute, carpeting, and concrete. Each has particular traits that we are happy to share, and we also will let you know our recommendations for what we think are the best options for your project. 

As a long time bathroom design and installation contractor in the south central Colorado area, Inspiration Bathroom Remodel Colorado Springs has many working relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. We can get the materials you need quickly and have them expertly installed fast, with minimal mess and clean up. We believe in giving our customers honest advice, great service, and good prices for their bathroom flooring projects, and we would love to discuss the options with you. Call us or send in our contact form, and we will set up a free consultation to help with your Colorado Springs bathroom flooring project.

This honest, trustworthy, professional approach has worked for us for over 20 years and it's how we intend to continue.

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