Beautiful Bathroom Vanities Colorado Springs Knows Are Also Practical

Bathroom vanities often do not get the forethought they probably should, since they serve multiple purposes in the bathroom and often for several different people. Besides being a place for plumbing and the sink, vanities are a staging area for makeup, shaving, and general preparation to face the day. Having a vanity top that is easy to take care of and keep clean, as well as large enough to hold the hair dryer and your cup of coffee makes starting the day a lot more pleasant. Being able to clean off Billie’s leftover paint from washing his brushes is a big plus, too.
There are several components that go into choosing a vanity, as many need specific configurations, space available, plumbing clearance, and other factors that might not be immediately apparent. A bathroom designer knows that the space is crucial, and has to be comfortable for all members of the family, from your tall, long armed son to your small daughter who needs to be able to see into the mirror and reach the faucet handles.
The vanity body, often of wood, houses or supports the sink and countertop. The vanity top may be made continuous with the sink integral, or be a separate piece, depending on materials. Common vanity materials are solid surface, manufactured marble, resin, engineered quartz, and granite. 

Your sink choices may be under mount, sealed to the underside of the hole cut into the countertop with plumbing holes tapped; top mount, sometimes called drop-in, one that sits in the cut hole; or vessel, a unit that sits on top of the countertop and is plumbed through the countertop. Vanities also need to be of sufficient depth to accommodate the faucet arrangement chosen, as well as a material that can tolerate drilling of the number of holes in close proximity required for mounting some faucet configurations.

Beautiful, practical Colorado Springs bathroom vanities are available in nearly any material you can imagine. Wood is common, but metal frames, ceramic, antiques, concrete and stone have been used to create a vanity that provides sinks at the level you need, plumbing that is both functional and easy to access, and storage for everything from towels to bandaids. Vanities need to make a statement, as they are usually the key piece of furniture in your bathroom, and certainly the most utilitarian. 
When you want to update your bathroom and the vanity needs changed, call or contact Inspiration Bathroom Remodel Colorado Springs. We can provide information and advice about what style of vanity works best for all your applications, what materials hold up, and will make an impression with your prospective homebuyers. We can design a vanity specific to your space or needs, such as ADA compliant and accessible, or with a seated makeup area complete with appropriate mirrors and lighting. Locally owned and operated, our design team is experienced and trained, and happy to provide design expertise no matter the size of your project. All our design services come with a free initial consultation. We know your vanity is an important key ingredient to your bathroom remodel or refresh, and we want to make sure that you are happy with the look and utility of your choice at a reasonable price.

This honest, trustworthy, professional approach has worked for us for over 20 years and it's how we intend to continue.

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